Turbo – loss of pressure!

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Win horses… or at least take them back!

When I repaired the turbo ( read this article ), I realized that the flexible hoses going on the intercoolers had very slight leaks. After examination, I note that the green seals are too hard to ensure a good seal, the hose n ° 7 (7L6 145 738 A) even goes so far as to have almost 5 tenths of lateral play, the seal is worn. So I decide to change them all while ensuring maximum tightness by placing a very fine trickle of Loctite 5980at the bottom of the groove which must accommodate the seal. I do the same on the joint. Seals n ° 8 (1 piece) and 18 (2 pieces) must be changed, seal 51 will be cleaned and then coated with silicone grease. By doing so, the seals are protected and age much slower.

3C0 145 117 B
3C0 145 117 B





WD40, essential product

I clean the hoses with WD40 and brake cleaner. The WD40 dissolves grease, grease and nourishes the material, the brake cleaner removes residues. I make several passes, starting with the WD40 which I leave to pose for at least 5 minutes, once one, once the other. I finish with brake cleaner. The result is impeccable, the hoses appear new. For the record, I had a C4 VTS which spent every winter outside. The engine was bathed in the WD40. Sometimes it did not rotate for 4 months. I had this car 10 years old and which on resale with 205,000 kilometers suggested that the whole engine group had been changed. I have never had a rubber problem with this product, on the contrary. The car has always been in optimal shape.

intercooler hose
The hose having just been taken out, we see that the seal is hardened and can no longer ensure a correct seal

I wait 12 hours before starting the engine

Conclusion, I have a car in great shape that announces all its horses without hesitation for a moment. In fact, it’s a shame to lose turbo pressure for nothing and we don’t pay enough attention to this kind of thing. I think I should have lost about 10% of this pressure . I think this turbo must push a lot of pressure in the admission given its size.

But now, as they say, it’s only happiness!


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