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Mechanical problems with a reliable car.

I have no financial interest, directly or indirectly, in placing this product, in talking about it. But saying the right things is close to my heart. Talk about it, I can because I did the scale with a KIA Pro Ceed, a small diesel. It was a company car and we were forced to refuel at hypermarket service stations, where it was the cheapest. At the end of his 3 years of LOA, I bought this vehicle. But what happened during these 3 years?

  • mushrooms in the diesel that rotted me the injection system, the tank, the hoses, the GO filter
  • EGR valve changed twice and cleaned once
  • a faulty, dirty injector

Same thing every time: fuel. What I knew, of course from the pieces that were shown to me.

Once this car was mine, I cleaned the EGR valve again, I used Liqui Moly 5128 to thoroughly clean all the injectors, the valve seats, the turbo.

From that moment, this car knew only Total Excellium diesel.

I sold it to an individual some 70,000 kilometers later, I think it must have almost eaten its 200,000 kilometers, the engine was sinful and did not eat a drop of oil. Just to get it right and be clean with the buyer, I disassembled the EGR valve and the turbo to clean everything. I ate a day’s work for nothing! Same story with the C4 VTS from work equipped with a 1.6 HDI engine. I sold this car with 205,000 kilometers, it was running like a clock. On the other hand this car had known only Total Excellium fuel .

The Touareg V6 3.0 TDI.

The former owner, an infamous handyman, used only supermarket fuel. Balance sheet, an engine on the verge of asphyxiation, a completely fouled FAP , an EGR valve dead two days after purchase ( read this article ). Today, I completely maintain this vehicle, I do not entrust it to other hands than mine. If there is only one proof to prove the benefits of Total Excellium , it is sufficient to monitor the level of soot in the FAP . Easy, that’s what I did from the start as I had trouble cleaning this particle filter ( read this post ). The soot level never exceeds 5 to 6 grams (new G450 probe, new probe hose, adaptation made, motorways 60%, national roads 20%, urban 20%). With this data alone, it is proven that this fuel works miracles. And I repeat, I have no interest whatsoever with Total.

Absurd reasoning.

We regularly read articles announcing absurd things and without real foundations. I’m thinking in particular of this post from 2017 where people mistreat this fuel. If we read all of the messages in this thread, it is only speculation without evidence (typically French), sometimes idiocy. To these people who very often know absolutely nothing about mechanics, I say: do your maintenance yourself, use a good oil, do your oil change (preferably protocol) every 10,000 km, change the air filter, change the oil filter, use Excellium , you will keep an engine in top shape with a low maintenance cost.

Of course, no matter how good you put the best fuel, if you use a low-cost engine oil, you will gradually lose the benefit of using a super fuel as you travel. The segmentation will clog, the valve seats will become contaminated, your FAP will suffer, you will consume as usual, or even more as your bad oil ages and becomes an infamous soup, a poison for your engine . It is an example among many others.

How many times have I heard this stupid reasoning: “I do not see why I will put more in a fuel, my engine works perfectly”.

Very often, unfortunately, certain concessions, certain unscrupulous garages have sometimes hidden their failings, their insufficiency, their lack of professionalism by questioning this fuel. These people should not exercise.

As for press articles like this , it is better not to dwell on them as they are tasteless.

I will conclude with this!

It should be remembered that a high cetane number optimizes combustion for better performance and makes it possible to burn scale in various places in the engine. This is the basic principle of certain additives for cleaning the EGR valve, the FAP, they are recognized for their performance. These are often sold very expensive. Total Excellium diesel has a cetane index of 54. I’ll let you check for other brands, other distributors…

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