Reconditioning: change of calorstat and water pump

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Easy intervention!

We let it hang out, we don’t want to but one day, we get up on the right foot, armed with courage and unwavering determination …

Well, the pump more than 230,000 km in the legs, the calorstat idem. In addition, I can see that the engine temperature is getting longer and longer. I order everything you need while paying attention to two things, the calorstat will be ordered in the original brand, the water pump will be equipped with a metal turbine and will be of good brand. There have been far too many problems with these pumps fitted with a plastic impeller, which eventually failed.

The pump is leaking…

Access is without any particular difficulty, you just need to remove the high pressure belt housing, the accessories belt and dismantle the pulley on the water pump. Well, I saw that it oozed a little but by clearing the ground in this way, the view is more significant, it was more than time to intervene.


I disassemble, safely, I love LDR everywhere, I save fifteen minutes of floor washing, bonus! We can see the leaks on the water pump: crankcase seal and HS bearing. Calorstat side, nothing apparent but I already know that it hides a surprise from me.

Come on, key thing machine and gadget, everything is out. The calorstats of this generation are really bad, the thing tumbles down in my hands, all dismantled. It is exactly the same problem as the cooler of the EGR valve cooler ( read this article ), same manufacture, same punishment.

Again, I say: not great these montages. I take my brand new calorstat out of its beautiful box. Reference 059 121 111 N

calorstat Audi A4 A5 A6 A8 Q7 Porsche Cayenne Volkswagen Touareg
This calorstat looks great, doesn’t it? Very beautiful, brand new!

The water pump is an all-metal from SKF . Nothing special except a beautiful, well-built room. It’s quality cam, it shows, it feels. Well, there is no question of trusting only the seals, whether for the pump or the calorstat. I clean the joint surfaces, I clean, I dry, I degrease. A fine thread of Loctite 5980 outside the seal on the water pump housing and voila. I am sure of the result. I did the same with the calorstat.

Apparently, this SKF pump also sank on the dark side, it is now made of plastic. What a shame !

So if you had to change your water pump, I can only advise you to choose the Meyle brand , reference 113 220 0006.


Be careful to use coolant G13 (pink color), it’s prettier … no, I’m kidding.


water pump Touareg Q7 Cayenne A4 A5A6 A8

I took the opportunity to clean the nooks and crannies, just to do the job well. You did see ? I even put new screws on the pump and on the pulley.

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