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Drain for maximum protection and performance.

Admittedly, a well-tuned V6 TDI, it goes up in towers. If you’re a bit of a player like me, you like to flirt with the red zone. A good kick and down and go, it sends wood! Desiring to protect the engine as best as possible, I have spent a long time peeling forums of all kinds, of all nationalities, watching lots of videos. Our best friend Google found me what I call a nugget, an article from Liqui Moly which unfortunately is no longer online today. The latter highlighted the use of 3 separate products to be used during emptying:

Engine flush plus eliminates all residues on the walls of the engine, sludge during emptying. To discover in video

Engine oil saver (Liqui Moly) helps to restore volume and suppleness to the seals in contact with this additive. The parasitic leaks can disappear. I am thinking in particular of the valve stem seals, the oil seal of the crankshaft and all the O-rings which are a real plague on the group’s vehicles (after 2 formal oil changes, almost all visible parasitic leaks will have disappeared). You should know that if the valve stem seals are hardened, the engine begins to burn oil, it is the beginning of trouble. Your FAP will therefore collect more ash and will have to regenerate more. The regenerations make you eat more. By consuming more, you recycle more via the system EGR that you foul more. To this, we add a poor quality fuel … let’s just say, it’s the beginning of the end. This is just one example among many.

Liqui Moly TOP TEC 4200 is one of the best oils in the world. Please note, it is not suitable for RDI R5 and V10 engines built before June 2006 . The prices are consistent with those of the market. It is compatible with petrol and diesel.

Specifications and approvals: ACEA C3; API SN; MB-Freigabe 229.31; MB-Freigabe 229.51; Porsche C30; VW 504 00; VW 507 00

LIQUI MOLY also recommends this product for vehicles and components for which the following original spare part specifications or references are required:
ACEA C2; BMW Longlife-01 (bis MJ 2018); BMW Longlife-01 FE (bis MJ 2018); BMW Longlife-04 (bis MJ 2018); Fiat 9.55535-S1; Fiat 9.55535-S3; VW 500 00; VW 501 01; VW 502 00; VW 503 00; VW 503 01; VW 505 00; VW 505 01; VW 506 00; VW 506 01

Ceratec anti-friction is made up of several products, the main one being ceramic in the form of nanoparticles. This product prevents contact between metal parts by forming a real barrier made of ceramic nanobeads. The engine load is reduced, the latter decreases operating friction. Read this article

Wanting to learn more, I’m looking for opinions on this additive. I discover that it is unknown in France, the little opinion that I find is encouraging. By pushing my research a little beyond our borders, I discover that CeraTec is widely acclaimed in English-speaking countries, especially in the United States.

I decide to follow the brand in the process. Be careful, even if the oil used is of very high quality, that it is LONG LIFE qualified, it never does, I mean never more than 15,000 kilometers. I consider that at 10,000 kilometers, the oil begins to make too many carbon particles which form sludge which stick to the walls of the engine. These particles acidify the oil. I will not dwell on metals, rubbers and even acidity, there is much to complain about!

To change the maintenance plan for your vehicle,  read this article

For rinsing:
Liqui Moly 300ml rinsing “ENGINE FLUSH PLUS”

New composition:
– Top Tec 4200 5W30
– CERATEC (1.5 x 300 ml – 1 bottle and a half)
– Liqui Moly anti oil leak “MOTOR OIL SAVER” (restores the joints, eliminates parasitic leaks – 1 bottle)

I searched everywhere, Liqui Moly products are really interesting on ebay , especially with this seller: ATP-AUTOTEILE.

At the best price on


Result: the engine is smoother, faster, quieter, more powerful.
The result of this protocol emptying exceeds my expectations, a passage to the bench after 3000 kilometers will give values ​​higher than 239 CV , original power. As a reminder, the car has almost 230,000 km .

power bench passage
CERATEC, miracle product, no, essential, yes!

Attention, to carry out this emptying, I advise you to proceed as follows:

  • with the engine warm, add the rinse aid and follow the recommendations (Engine flush 10 minutes at idle without driving, for example)
  • cut contact
  • dismantle the old oil filter and clean the filter housing with a little new oil by running it in
  • drain while running at least 15 min (the engine must be warm but not boiling)
  • add a little bit of new oil to clean the bottom sump and let it run
  • close with a new cap and seal
  • install the new filter and the new gasket supplied with it on the cover
  • fill the engine filter housing halfway with new oil to prevent lubrication failure
  • close the filter housing
  • fill to the bottom level of the dipstick
  • add Liqui Moly oil leak prevention “ OIL STOP SAVER
  • add the ceramic additive “ CERATEC
  • top up without exceeding the maximum level!
  • start the engine and let it idle for 60 seconds
  • switch off the engine then make a second top-up if necessary
  • take a test drive of at least 15 minutes
  • stop on a level area (flat and level)
  • switch off the ignition and wait 5 minutes
  • check and top up

And of course, according to the formula, I release myself from any responsibility, blah, blah, blah …

Attention: the level must be checked 200 kilometers after emptying, it can vary quite considerably towards the low level.

In video, from a maintenance plan without Liqui Moly 1005

Cera Tec on video

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