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This Touareg weighs 2.4 tonnes

So how to say? Since I have this car, as a reminder, acquired at 209,000 km, the braking has always been a bit limited. But hey, 2.4 tonnes to brake is necessarily different from the Clio of work. This is what I thought … Of course, since I acquired this vehicle mistreated by its previous owner (see this article), I did three bleeds of the brakes including two with the help of VCDS.

Confinement gives us time to think

I take advantage of a little free time to look at these brakes which leave me perplexed. I decided to test the hose that goes from the vacuum pump to the Mastervac (servo-brake). Since I have nothing to do that, I make a rudimentary but functional tool using a large, well-sealed syringe. I disconnect the small non return valve on the vacuum pump side. I connect the syringe to the pipe and pull the plunger to its maximum. I make sure that the syringe returns to the initial position by releasing the said piston, this is indeed the case. I block the syringe thus drawn with an improvised wedge and leave the assembly thus for more than 8 hours. Balance sheet, the syringe resumes its place as 8 hours earlier. OK, so there is no leakage either on the hose or on the Mastervac.

It is on this hose that I connect the syringe, just after the valve. Yes, the engine is very fat, it is bathed in the WD40

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump disassembled. The interior state does not show any scale, Liqui Moly drain products have done their job.

I start by having disconnected the hose, I put my finger on the inlet of the depression and there, I have a big doubt, I hardly feel the aspiration. Come on, I take a torch and I look with a mirror at the bottom of the pump. I discover a beautiful oil leak. So I decide to dismantle this pump, it will take me 30 minutes to get it out, one of the two screws is badly placed, I don’t have the right tool. This pump is at the end of the cylinder head side, on the left side.

The pump on this motor is a Pierburg reference 057145100AE. I look on my favorite site, I find a more recent version: 059145100J. At the price it is sold and given the cleanliness of the object, I do not think for a moment, I order. For a little less than 23 euros including shipping costs (German seller), I have a spare vacuum pump, it’s perfect!

When it comes to finding used parts, ebay is my number one supplier!

Seals to be changed

The observation is heartbreaking. I know the car is 11 years old, I know it has almost 245,000 kilometers but still … I open the pump, I degrease, I clean. The main joint is completely deformed, it lacks so much volume that once replaced in the groove intended to accommodate it, it arrives at the surface, it is completely eaten. The O-ring of the valve is also fully cooked, it is square instead of being round (see photo opposite). I still have Loctite 5980 motor joint compound, it will do the job provided that nothing overflows into the pump body. Silicone gasket loose in the engine is really not the cool thing, especially for the turbo. I spend 15 minutes on a degreasing in good standing on all the parts with brake cleaner. Facom cleaner finishes the job. I notice traces of tightening on the vanes and the main body of the pump, long live the LongLife maintenance.



You can see traces of tightening on the top of the pallets.

I place joint paste in the back of the throat, a very thin thread. I replace the seal which has shrunk without pressing it to the bottom. I apply another trickle of very fine joint paste to the edge of the hood. This new net is no more than 1 millimeter wide and half a millimeter thick. I put all the mechanics back in place and gently press the assembly. I check the absence of silicone by turning the axis, everything looks perfect. I definitively close by tightening the 4 torx screws. I clean the excess with a cloth soaked in brake cleaner The seal of the valve 500497030 is also bad, I decide that the joint paste will do the job there too. Before reassembling the valve, the pump must be greased. For this, I used 2 cl of new oil from an old Castrol container. I ran this oil through the hole where the valve is housed. I then again degreased this orifice and its parting line with a cloth soaked in brake cleaner to reassemble the cleaned and grouted valve.

pompe vide mastervac
Mastervac brake assist pump during cleaning

Amazing result!

The next morning, I put the pump up. I apply silicone grease to the pneumatic plug, having cleaned it beforehand with brake cleaner. I start slowly, I check while rolling that my brakes respond correctly by pressing the brake pedal more than 20 times. Everything seems ok, so I hit the road. The result is simply stunning with a gain of at least 50%. I even tested emergency braking by braking at a speed of 60 km / h. The ABS came on, the car braked like never before. Morality, if you think you have bad brakes, also think about checking your vacuum pump!

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