Reset the Tiptronic ECU (VW Touareg, Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7)

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How to reset a Tiptronic box? Several methods …

On the way back, during the purchase (see this article), we had felt a sometimes dry shift, moreover, the gearshifts were very poorly staged. So I did, once back, a reset of the box (second method). The result was more than convincing but the second remained a little dry. When searching the invoices, no emptying of the box appears. OK, I order the strainer kit and add the oil. As long as I’m there, order all the necessary oil additives, my list of jobs is growing.

RESET box that does not work!

Throttle reset first version that we see lying around in various sites and forums:

  • start
  • depress the accelerator pedal fully for more than ten seconds
  • switch off the ignition then take off
  • remove the ignition key
  • press the accelerator pedal for more than ten seconds
  • release the pedal
  • start
  • drive very smoothly while avoiding having too low a speed, the gearbox is in learning mode.

This method picked up on various forums does not work on a KMB / 09D box. I even have doubts that this method worked one day on the other boxes.

RESET gearbox which works on a Tiptronic 09D – 09G (Aisin TR-60SN) Touareg, Porsche Cayenne, Q7!

  • connect the diagnostic socket
  • switch on
  • do not start the engine
  • do not touch the accelerator pedal
  • launch VCDS
  • go to Engine
  • check the absence of fault codes
  • return to Engine
  • select Long Adaptation
  • select Channel 00
  • click on Read
  • wait 5 sercondes then click on Save
    then follow the video below while waiting for confirmation each time. (My calculator does not give me access to these functions shown in this video)


Continuation of the procedure:

  • do not touch the accelerator pedal
  • select Auto Transmission
  • click on Basic settings
  • group 001 click on Read
  • annone System in Grundeinstellung (back to basic configuration)
  • group 002 click on Read
  • the system announces System in Grundeinstellung (back to basic configuration)
  • group 003 click on Read
  • the system announces System in Grundeinstellung (back to basic configuration)
  • quit VCDS

This procedure restores the engine and transmission unit to the factory configuration.

This includes Kickdown as shown in the illustration below.

Teaching begins as soon as the engine is started.

Of course and according to the usual formula, I decline all responsibility etc. etc.

Please note: your vehicle will consume a little more than usual for a few hundred kilometers, this is normal. In my case, I drove almost 500 kilometers to return to normal consumption, or even lower.

An impressive efficiency additive, it works miracles in automatic transmissions and in particular Tiptronic. It is one of the essential products.


The difference was dramatic, the gear shift became much smoother and balanced. The reports now shift to the correct speed according to the demand on the accelerator pedal, it is now correctly stepped. Attention, the gearbox is in learning mode, you have to drive according to a procedure that I do not know. Ideally, we take a beautiful national road, clear, free of traffic jams, tractors, we drive normally.

To do it once a year!

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